No Compromise


Pedalare is the story of a punk guitarist with a science PhD and a passion for cycling.

Circa 2012 the state of cycling fashion had nothing made for him. So he borrows a sewing machine and starts from scratch...

A decade of Iteration after iteration, prototyping, production, development, passionate design and PHD level R&D, Pedalare produces the best cycling kit in town with no compromise on design, materials, or fabrication.

Every stitch. Every cut. Every shape of every panel has been design from scratch at Pedalare. Every fabric is painstakingly chosen for longevity, comfort and performance. Every piece of kit is assembled in our independent sewing room so it meets your needs. We don’t just print up generic factory kit and send it out. We craft the finest cycling apparel from start to finish. 

We are proud to say that we have created something truly unique in the world of cycling apparel. Developed and refined in Australia as a true alternative to European high end performance and luxury brands.


This is the 6th generation of our universally loved and trusted bib short.
With all the features of the classic Pedalare bib shorts that people have come to love, but fitted with significant updates.

We worked tirelessly with our pattern makers to improve what was already a great fit. We shaped the panels to get an even better on bike feel, and strategically placed the seams to contour the shape of the skeletal muscle system.

We use Italian Circular knit fabric in our Bib Shorts. It is thin yet highly compressive, making it the best fabric on show. The feel of a circular knit is second to none and has a matte finish with a soft, pliable, responsive texture. This is what you want when it is close to your skin.

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Made from fabrics produced by the best European mills using high-wicking yarns, you have a functional jersey that is comfortable in almost any conditions.

There is nothing worse than a jersey that doesn’t let in the air, especially in the harsh Australian summer. That is why we either use a warp knit with a micro-hole structure or a more solid lattice structure which allows for greater airflow. 

Understanding the complex and dynamic requirements of a high performance cycling jersey is essential. You want enough stretch around the width of the torso without bunching or pocket sag. That is why we only use a 2-way stretch fabric on the back of the jersey… No pocket sag. We use a 4 way stretch on the side panels, allowing for both stretch around the body and comfortable dynamic movement. This 4-way stretch continues onto the sleeve to stretch firmly around the arms while also stretching length-wise and staying in place over the bicep. 


Our ‘No Compromise’ approach to every aspect of cycling kit includes the ethics of production. We pledge not to exploit workers or the environment in the production and distribution of our apparel. All of our suppliers and manufacturers are independently audited and provide certifications to ensure that they fit within our high standards. Our certifications include OEKOTEX, Blue-sign, BSCI, and SEDEX. 

Our manufacturers have been independently audited and awarded these certifications (and more) to indicate that they are environmentally and ethically compliant with the ISO certification system.

 It is possible to make cycling apparel much cheaper by ignoring human rights breaches and detrimental environmental impacts, but we refuse to do so.